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The White Bosk - A Tuchuk Camp


 Leading down to the plains, there is a cut in the face of Gor, a small canyon, not more than fifty feet tall, where water flows for the camp of the White Bosk. The Water's ledge cascades down in a white lacey plume merging to form a stream along side the prairie, where the bosks freely roam and the wagons trail upon the plains in a secluded camp where outriders stop and challenge all strangers.

In a land where the word for stranger and enemy is one and the same it is often your first few seconds of contact that  determine your chance of acclimating to and surviving the culture. 

"He grinned a Tuchuck grin. 'How are the Bosk?' He asked.

'As well as may be expected,' said Kamchak.

'Are the Quivas sharp?'

'One tries to keep them so,' said Kamchak.

'It is important to keep the axles of the wagons greased,' observed Kutaituchik. 'Yes,' said Kamchak, 'I believe so.'

Kutaituchik suddenly reached out and he and Kamchak, laughing, clasped hands."

~Nomads of Gor~

Page 44


The White Bosk is a Tuchuk camp where we strive to remember we are a family. The secret of family is that family looks after family first. we wont promise you that there is always serenity  as a family is often riddeled with strife but we will promise you that we are here for one another when needed

Life on the plains is harsh and difficult.  Much like the wind and rain on the landscape of the plains we hold so dear These obsticles grow us into the people we are. we are molded and shaped by our society. we are guided and  grown by those around us. our actions and reactions test and build us continually. 

Come grow and relax with us. hold grass and soil with us, get to know us and see if our family is a good fit for you. we can be found on the server on irc our Channel name is #White_Bosk